Nov 15 2017

Enrichment Ideas for your Dog

Hi Everyone,

This week’s topic is all about enrichment for your pet, I want to aim this blog around stimulation for dogs however all types of animals need to use their brains to stay happy and healthy. There are thousands of enrichment ideas appropriate for pets such as cats, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs and I will be sharing some ideas on these over the next few weeks. #stayposted

Our canine friends are such smart creatures and they require high levels of mental stimulation to keep their brains active and functioning properly. Dogs that may lack mental stimulation or may not get enough often develop destructive behavioural issues like digging, barking, chewing or general anxiety issues. Keeping your dog mentally active will result in a much happier, well adjusted and enjoyable pet.

Check out the ideas below, they are super easy and lots of fun for you and your best friend.

  1. Puzzle and Toy Feeders – These games are great for utilising your dog’s problem solving skills and as boredom busters throughout the day. Try to mix it up as well and rotate feeding toys throughout the week. There are so many varieties to choose from as well as many DIY options as well.
  2. Scatter Feeding/Snuffle Mats – Scatter feeding is just as it sounds, scattering your dog’s daily food portion over your lawn or yard so they need to use their noses to find every single piece. Snuffle mats work off the same principle in as much as they need to use their noses to find their food.
  3. Interactive Games – Hide and Seek type games or tracking games that use your dog’s main sense (their nose) are great and will leave your dog happily exhausted by the end of the day.
  4. Doggy Daycare – Doggy daycare is becoming a really popular option, especially for those of us that work full time. Many daycares will pick up and drop off your pooch for you and the dogs have such a blast. Check out for more information on doggy daycare. J

I hope you get some new ideas from this blog and enjoy trying them out with your best mate!


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