Nov 29 2017

Enrichment Ideas for your Cat

Hi Everyone,

My last blog focused on enrichment ideas for our pooches, now I’d like to talk about enrichment for other pets as well. I’ll focus our feline friends this week and hopefully give you all some new ideas to keep your cats engaged and active.

  1. Food Puzzles or Interactive feeders – Food puzzles encourage your cat to use their problem solving skills and natural instincts to find their food and you can usually entice even the laziest of cats to enjoy these games. Kong’s are great for this and there are a huge variety available.
  2. Self Play Toys – Any toys or games that encourage chasing, pouncing or hunting behaviours work very well for cat enrichment and there are so many DIY options available as well. Empty cardboard boxes, crumpled up paper, bottle tops, toys filled with cat nip, the list goes on and on.
  3. Vertical Space – Cats love to be up high and providing areas for climbing and clawing will satisfy these needs. Putting perches close to windows may also give them the opportunity to enjoy outside life while being kept indoors, however be mindful that roaming neighbourhood cat may stress your kitty out.
  4. Cat Runs – If possible cat runs are an excellent way to provide enrichment and are usually fairly easy to make yourself, by enclosing an area with shade cloth or similar your cat can enjoy the fresh air and being outdoors without the worry of them escaping or getting injured.

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