Mar 10 2016

Flea & Tick treatment – Bravecto

Geraldton is a lovely place to live, with its blue skies, sunshine, beautiful beaches and warm weather. Even in winter it never really gets cold so we can enjoy our outdoor lifestyles to the fullest. It is a little patch of paradise!

Unfortunately for our pets fleas also love living here. They love the warmth and humidity as it means they can continue to breed all year long, and every female flea will lay thousands of eggs in her lifetime.

Even the very best flea treatments will not be fully effective if not used correctly, so remembering to use your products all year round is vital to keeping these nasties under control. This is where a lot of people have trouble. The months fly by and “Oops, forgot that dose” has the fleas rubbing their hands in glee as it means they can sneak in there and breed up a storm.

There is a solution to this problem. BRAVECTO is a new flea treatment which only needs to be given four times a year! How simple is that? One tasty chew gives 3 months protection from fleas, 4 months protection from paralysis ticks and 2 months protection from ticks at a very affordable price.

Help make your dogs happy and healthy, call into the clinic to get your BRAVECTO flea prevention today.

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