Dec 04 2015

Gold standard patient care

At Chapman animal hospital we pride ourselves on taking the best possible care of your fur babies, in fact we treat them as our own. Long term care patients, and high dependancy patients will often come home with one of the Vets or Nurses for a bit of extra special TLC which can often speed up their recovery.

When one of our long standing clients needed to go into hospital he wanted the best possible care for his two beloved fur babies so he asked us to look after them.

Initially boarding at the clinic, Dr Steve then took them home with him where they are treated as one of his own, enjoying plenty of play time with his two dogs and going for lovely runs on the beach.

Dr Steve takes Bonnie and Sasha to visit their Dad, Michael regularly and it is heartwarming to see the bond these 3 share.
Hopefully it won’t be long before they are all home together again!

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