Mar 10 2016

Making Easter fun for your dog

Every year at Easter time many dogs around the world present to the After hours emergency clinics suffering from the effects of indulging in our festive fare. Easter eggs, chocolate, cake, nuts, fat from the BBQ or fatty roasting juices can all have serious consequences for our faithful companions.

As dogs are natural hunters and scavengers, they really love the challenge of using their noses to seek out food. Unfortunately this means they excel at Easter egg hunts and will often find the eggs our children miss.

HOWEVER this year we would like to prepare an Easter hunt specially designed for our furry family members so we can all have a great time and stay healthy!


This will largely depend on your pets food requirements, so food allergies and ongoing health problems need to be taken into consideration, but here are some ideas:
Liver treats
Zukes Z-bones (grain free treats)
Dog/Cat Biscuits
Tin food rolled into balls and baked in the oven until they are crisp on the outside but still gooey on the inside.


Select a dog safe, preferably fenced area well away from the children’s Easter egg hunt.
Lock your dog away so they can’t see what you are doing, then use your imagination to bury, cover and scatter pieces of treat to make it really fun for your pet.

READY, SET, GO!!! How many treats can your pet find?

Don’t forget to consider these treats as part of your pets daily calorie allowance especially for our overweight fur babies.

Seeking out food provides mental stimulation, and can help to alleviate boredom, so don’t wait for Easter to have fun with food, try making this a weekly game.

Stay healthy and let everyone have a very Happy Easter!


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