Jun 12 2018

Moving with Pets

Whether you are moving home, moving towns or moving overseas, travelling and changes in environment can be difficult for our pets to understand. Many companion cats and dogs can suffer from some form of stress and anxiety in new situations. Make the transition as smooth as possible for your pet and yourself by following these tips;


  • Consider ADAPTIL –  Adaptil is a synthetic pheromone based product that replicates the pheromones given off by a puppy’s mother while nursing. This product comes as a collar and would need replacing monthly, there is also an Adaptil spray, ideal for travelling or in a new home. Adaptil is designed for phobic dogs and may help ease stress in moving situations.

  • Scent work –  Dog’s discover the world through their nose and keeping a favourite blanket or article of clothing with your dog may help them to feel more at ease in a new situation.

  • Pre Plan – If possible it can be helpful for your dog to have a visit to the new area or home before moving day. Multiple visits are ideal. This can help with your dog’s confidence in a new place.

  • Positive reinforcement car rides – Many dogs despise riding in the car, they may shake or even vomit making travelling a difficult task. Try positive reinforcement training in a stationary car to build confidence and gradually build to a moving vehicle.


  • Cats can be very fickle creatures and the smallest change in routine can cause stress in cats. Consider FELIWAY during stressful times. Feliway is a synthetic facial pheromone and replicates the facial pheromone cats leave behind when they rub up against objects. Feliway comes in a diffuser, perfect for a new home or a spray that can be used on bedding etc.

  • ‘Sentry’ Calming collars – These collars are impregnated with a similar pheromone to Adaptil and can be used in conjunction with Feliway to help reduce stress.

  • Cat Carriers – Keep your cat carrier in a high traffic area for a few weeks prior to moving, this can help your cat become less fearful of the crate and more likely to accept being put inside.

  • Zylkene – This medication has recently been launched in Australia and is suitable for cats and dogs. It contains alpha casozepine, an ingredient derived from milk protein which contains calming properties. See the link below for more ideas on Moving House with Pets http://www.vetoquinol.com.au/sites/auscountry/files/moving_home_information_leaflet.pdf


For more information on products or tips in this article please call us on 99642828 and speak to one of our lovely nurses.

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