Mar 30 2016

My dog needs surgery/treatment but I can’t afford it, what can I do?

Your beloved fur baby gets sick, or is injured unexpectedly and you are faced with a Vet bill you can’t really afford. What can you do?

This happened to me only 3 weeks ago when my German Shepherd was kicked by a horse and broke her leg. My dilemma, do I treat (expensive orthopaedic surgery)?? or do I euthanase (she is old after all)??

I love my dog. Shadow is a gorgeous soul and is a huge part of my life, and so I chose orthopaedic surgery not quite sure how I would afford it, but unable to contemplate the alternative.

Lucky for me there is a wonderful company called VetPay who approved me for finance to pay the bill.

VetPay is specifically designed to help you pay for veterinary expenses without the worry of high upfront costs. The application process is very simple and can be done at home, or we can help you here at the clinic.

Step 1 – A pre-approval form is completed online. VetPay will run a credit check, and based on your previous history and your current circumstances you will be advised the amount VetPay are willing to finance.

Step 2 – Schedule surgery/treatment

Step 3 – Once the invoice is finalised we can complete the application process.

To complete the application you will need:

  • Two forms of ID listing your current address.
  • Your Bank details for the direct debit
  • A 10 – 20% deposit is required depending on the amount to be financed.

A $35 application fee is applied, then interest is calculated, and finally the total amount is divided into 28 fortnightly payments. Easy as can be!

What I really appreciated was the transparency, as there are no hidden charges, and all costs including exactly how much interest you will pay are clearly stated in the contract.

VetPay gave me peace of mind knowing I will have my beautiful girl with me for (hopefully) several more years.

For more information please contact the clinic on 9964 2828, or visit the VetPay website on

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