Nov 13 2015

Summer is here!

The hot weather has arrived with vengance. 40+ degrees today and our pets will be feeling it.
Here are some tips for managing your furry friends during the hot weather.

Ensure pets have free access to water and shade. Freezing water in a clean icecream container overnight and then topping up with fresh water will keep the water cool for longer during the day. Also don’t place water in direct sunlight for it to heat up.

Exercise your dogs only during the cooler times of day. Heat exhaustion is potentially fatal to you pet and is easily avoided by being sensible. Don’t forget the ground can get hot enough to burn delicate feet, so if you can’t walk barefoot on the ground then it will also be too hot for your dog.

Dogs can’t sweat like humans and need to pant to lose heat, so our lovely snub nosed breeds such as the Pug and Bulldog have a difficult time during hot weather. They have restricted breathing because of the shape of their faces, and therefore can’t cool themselves effectively in hot weather. These dogs need to be kept in airconditioned comfort during hot weather, and must never be exercised when it is hot.

Dogs can die in hot cars in as little as 6 minutes so never leave your dog unattended in the car.

Some dogs are real water babies and love to swim, so buy them a paddle pool or clam shell and fill it with water for them to take a refreshing dip during the day.

Keep your yard free from snake hiding places. The unfortunate fact is that the water which we need to have available for our pets to drink will also attract those slithering reptiles. For more information on how to deter snakes from your garden contact Fauna for the future on 0404387215.

Enjoy the summer with your pets and stay cool!

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