Oct 23 2017

Summer Safety for your Pet

With summer fast approaching I wanted to chat about safety tips and enrichment ideas to keep your pets happy and comfortable throughout this season 🙂

1. Snakes – Snakes are a big issue during summer in Geraldton and using common sense goes a long way when dealing with snakes on your property. Keep grass and weeds as short as possible to deter them from hiding in long grass.  Place shallow water bowls around the perimeter of your property, the snakes will be attracted to the water and will usually have a drink or soak and then move away. Certain deterrent sprays may be used such as Phenyle however they must be reapplied every 2 weeks to be effective. For snake removal call Fauna for The Future on 0439796633.

2. Grass Seeds – Grass seeds have already begun to spread their way through most backyards and bush tracks around town and we have seen at least half a dozen cases in the past week! Grass seeds will often find their way into the nose, ears, eyes and even feet of our furry friends. These seeds have small barbs on them which means once they have gone into a space, they catch and cannot be pulled out without causing pain or discomfort. For long haired dogs and cats clipping fur is recommended especially around the face and feet. Avoid walking pets through areas with long grass and check coat and feet daily.

3. Insect Bites and Allergies –  Geraldton is a hot spot for allergies all year round, however in summer we tend to see more insect bites and stings. Dogs especially can be fond of snapping at or chasing bees and this can end up badly for your pooch. The most common clinical sign of a bee sting is usually localised swelling to the area or multiple hives over the face and body may be seen. Certain antihistamines can be used in pet’s however is it recommended to see your vet as soon as possible to determine the dose and give a fast acting steroid and antihistamine injection.

Summer Safety and Enrichment Ideas

  • Clam shell pools are a great way to keep pet’s cool over summer, they are a cheap and easy option and provide lots of fun. You can fill with water or fill with dampened sand and bury toys and treats.
  • Ice block treats! An old icecream container works well for these treats, fill with water (I also add a small amount of chicken stock), some kibble, some treats, chicken necks and freeze overnight.
  • Sunblock – Use animal only sunblock on sensitive areas such as the ears, nose and belly, especially white coated breeds. For those naughty pooches that lick all the sunblock off, a loose t-shirt may be appropriate to minimise sun damage.
  • Provide plenty of fresh water and shade during the day and wait until cooler times (early morning or evening) for exercise. Swimming provides exercise and enjoyment however a thorough rinse off with clean water afterwards is recommended.        

I hope this blog was helpful and gave you some new ideas to try this summer 

Keep safe and keep cool 🙂

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