Oct 12 2017

Vet Nurse Day 2017


Australia’s National Vet Nurse Day was introduced in 2007 as a way to celebrate and recognise all that nurses do in the veterinary industry. We celebrate each year on the first Friday in October and usually that means lots of cake! I often get asked ‘What do you do all day? Play with puppies and kittens? Your job much be so much fun!”… It is fun and I love my job, however it is not playing with cute animals all day. So what does a Vet Nurse do?

A Vet Nurse is a Surgical Assistant – We make sure the patient’s vitals have been taken prior to surgery, we monitor the anaesthesia and make changes when needed and we recover patients after surgery and give medication when required, and give lots of cuddles.

A Vet Nurse is a Oral Hygenist – We assess your pet’s teeth and scale and polish teeth under anaesthesia.   

A Vet Nurse is a Groomer – We give baths, trim nails and express anal glands

A Vet Nurse is an Xray Technician – We position pets for xrays and take xrays when needed.

A Vet Nurse is a Phlebotomist – We draw blood samples from your pet and place IV catheters for fluid therapy or medications.

A Vet Nurse is a Laboratory Technician – We prepare and run all sorts of tests including blood samples, urine samples and feacal samples. We prepare cytology slides of ear swabs and all other types of bodily fluids.

A Vet Nurse is a Cleaner – We clean up after the Vets make a mess, we keep the hospital clean and of course we clean up after your pets.

A Vet Nurse is the Lunch Lady and Dog Walker – We make sure your pet has been fed and watered throughout the day, we sneak them treats and take them out to toilet, let them stretch their legs and have cuddles.

A Vet Nurse is an Educator – Nurses are often the first point of contact with clients and we can educate owners on a number of topics from diet and arthritis management to hand rearing orphaned animals and behavioural problems.

A Vet Nurse is a Shoulder to Cry On – We are always here for owners and pets to try and make life easier for you when the time comes to say goodbye.

A Vet Nurse is an Animal Wrangler – We restrain every the most grumpy of animals, sometimes getting scratched or bitten in the process!

Thank you to all Vet Nurses out there for what you do each day!

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