Blood Tests

Blood tests are a very significant feature of veterinary diagnostics. Unlike us humans our pets sadly can’t talk, so they can’t tell us how they feeling.

Blood tests enable us to quickly obtain accurate diagnostic information which then allow us to formulate appropriate treatment plans.

Bloods look specifically at different organs, they look at the immune system in general. They can also prove the presence of a specific viral disease, such as for example parvovirus, within minutes.

We can use blood tests to help us diagnose specific problems as they arise, alternatively we can also use them to help us prevent potential problems. For instance we can do blood tests prior to your dog having an anesthetic, which will assist us with anesthetic monitoring and even if an anesthetic is too high for your pet.

Blood tests are both simple and quick using the most up to date labatory equipment. It is also a relatively painless procedure for your pet.

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