New Puppy

Complete care for your new puppy.

Vaccinating Your Puppy:

In order to be consistently offering the best treatment, all of our vaccination protocols are in in line with the WSAVA [World Small Animal Veterinary Association] guidelines for a high risk parvovirus area.

For puppies we recommend vaccinations at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks. During that time, we also recommend that your dog does not leave your property.

Dogs will then have their first adult vaccine at 1 year of age. The core elements of this vaccine [Parvovirus, Distemper, and Hepatitis] will then be covered for 3 years.

Dogs can also receive an annual vaccination for canine cough, which is a mandatory requirement if you ever put your dog in boarding kennels.

We will send you reminders by either SMS, email or by post to alert you when these vaccinations are due. We will also give you a Pet Passport, which gives you evidence that these vaccinations have taken place.

Your vet will help guide you with the most suitable vaccination protocol for your puppy/dog.





Parasite Control:

There are many options for intestinal worms, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.

We recommend both an oral tick prevention and tick collar if travelling North, due to the risk of E. canis – a potentially deadly tick-bourne disease. 



Microchipping is a legal requirement by the time a dog is three months old. We are able to provide microchipping and registration services, to ensure that your pup will always make their way back to you. 



We can also advise and assist you regarding having your new puppy de-sexed, which involves a castration for a male puppy and a spey for a female. For smaller breed dogs, this can be done from 6 months of age. There are several considerations to keep in mind for larger breeds – feel free to contact us for advice on individual cases, or clink on the link for further info!