Keeping our furry friends disease free.

Why do we vaccinate?

¬†Vaccinations are a routine part of many pets’ ongoing care. Yet despite their routine nature, they remain such a vitally important part of their day to day treatment. As with humans; prevention via vaccination is so much better than trying to treat that disease further down the line.

For example, one of the most frequently discussed vaccinations is to prevent parvovirus in dogs. While vaccinations will cost several hundred dollars initially. Attempting to treat a dog sick with parvovirus can run to thousands of dollars, with no guarantee of a positive outcome. It is also an incredibly unpleasant and painful illness for a dog to endure.

Unfortunately, Parvovirus is so prevalent in our local community, for that reason we must also ensure we vaccinate our dogs.

The same can be said of our cat and even rabbit companions, who can contract so many viral diseases. Most of which are easily prevented via vaccination.

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